haha jag lyckades få den att sjunga the pokemon theme song :P

User: I'm really nice so can we sing the pokemon song?

Cleverbot: Do you like ferrets?

User: I want to sing the pokemon song please?

Cleverbot: What song do you want to sing?

User: The pokemon theme song.

Cleverbot: I want to be the very best.

User: Like no one ever was!

Cleverbot: To catch them is my real test.

User: To train them is my cause!!

Cleverbot: I will travel across the land.

User: Searching far and wide!!

Cleverbot: These pokemon to understand.

User:  The power that's in side.

Cleverbot: Pokemon!

User: Gotta catch 'em all!!!

Cleverbot: It's you and me.

User: It is our destiny.   (<--- fail)

Cleverbot: Okay thats creepy.   (haha XD)

User: I know its our destiny*.

Cleverbot: Pokemon! Ooh you're my best friend.

User: In a world we must defend.

Cleverbot: Pokemon!

User: Gotta catch 'em all. A heart so true, Our courage will pull us through. You teach me,.

Cleverbot: You teach me and I'll teach you.


Cleverbot: Gotta catch 'em all.

User: Gotta catch 'em all.

Cleverbot: Pokemon!

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